Fiction River: Crime Table of Contents

FR Special Crime ebook cover web“Hitler’s Dogs” by Doug Allyn
“Wheel of Fortune” by Steve Hockensmith
“The Good Brother” by Brendan DuBois
“FoL” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
“These Boots Were Made for Murder” by Julie Hyzy
“Because” by Melissa Yi
“City of Light and Darkness” by Dæmon Crowe
“No Good Deed” by Libby Fischer Hellmann
“Rationing” by Karen Fonville
“Neutrality” by Karen L. Abrahamson
“Plan B” by Kate Wilhelm
“Gas, Tan, Video” by M. Elizabeth Castle
“Jackrabbit DMZ” by Annie Reed
“Eyes on My Cards” by Dean Wesley Smith
“Jokers” by M. Elizabeth Castle
“Photo World” by JC Andrijeski