Latest Volume

Fiction River: Dark & Deadly Passions

Edited by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Dark and deadly passions fuel crime. Often violent crime.
The stories in this compelling volume traverse an emotional rollercoaster. Some revenge stories uplift, while the very darkest stories shine a light on the disturbing underbelly of human nature.
But heroism—or at least an attempt to do the right thing—provides hope.
So, brace yourself for a swirl of emotions—and some dark and deadly passions.

“Some of This Is True” by Ron Collins
“Missing Carolyn” by Annie Reed
“Zero Tolerance” by Dayle A. Dermatis
“Lost and Found” by Laura Ware
“Tilting at Windmills” by Lauryn Christopher
“Not Getting Away With It” by Michael Warren Lucas
“With This Ring” by David Stier
“Twisted but Never Broken” by Rob Vagle
“What Breaks a Man” by Kari Kilgore
“Grief Spam” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

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